MIGRATIONS is a visual and plastic project on the cyclic flux permeating biological and social bodies. An artistic experience which studies the breadth of movement and mutation phenomenon’s affecting the living beings. Migrations are then set as a condition of existence, as well as a form of evolution of the living organisms, in a quest of new functionalities with a better grip in an ever-recomposed world.

Biology and politics not being governed by the same laws, the movements of non-humans (plants and animals) and those of humans cannot easily overlap. In non-humans, it is triggered by a progressive deterioration of natural habitats, humans reacting to brutal catastrophes making life unbearable. Nevertheless, they both share the same goal: survival. Be it of the species or of the spirit. If life is a network of emotional and organic flux, then perpetual migration is life itself. Just as migrations are lives which constantly mix, help, breed, root, drift, reject, love. With the paradoxical goal – as only mankind can be – to keep going to avoid extinction, or to stop and start building a dream of horizon.

MIGRATIONS is a cyclic tale where the creative process aims to create a network of meanings which echo and reverberate inside a dialectic always combining and confronting documentary and allegory. The installation, primary cornerstone of the artwork, is ephemeral and protean. Formats, material, and scenography of visual sequences change according to each new positioning in space, recreating lanes both unknown and cyclic at the same time.

This plural and multimedia project invites to refocus our vision of migrants and their passages, a reform of our modes of production and our ways of thinking. Any live migration is only a timely expression of a contingency. Just as well as there is no migrating species per se, there is no migrating human population.

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Photograph, assemblies, video, relics, 2019
Various formats