Watching oneself in a mirror, checking conformity, recording differences which mark an identity: the passing of time on skin traces the signs of a relentless advance.

Inscribed in the daily history of our bodies, transmutations of our intimacy are absorbed or rejected according to temporary norms becoming more and more virtual. In an age where touch and experience vanish in the unlimited field of social networks, sharing and interacting become anonymous, and individuals fuse into an acceptable shape to overcome the most natural limits. A sublimated identity is therefore transplanted into a manipulated image, an aesthetic metamorphosis reaching beyond appearance or embellishment.

A reflection of the self, devoid of personality, synthesized and sanitized, the fantasy of an avatar looking for appreciation and consensus, equally virtual. In TOPEAUGRAPHIES, the reality of skin is ironically framed by patterns and digital effects drawn from computer software (Snapchat, Facebook) and inserted during the photographic act.

Within these bucolic and happy scenography, the passing of time on anonymous skins exhibits itself without sublimation or retouching, revealing the nature of physical mutations and further, the unique variety of all identity.


Photograph, 2018
Mixed media, photograph & digital drawing
10 x 15 cm / 20 x 30 cm / 35 x 42 cm