Francesca DI BONITO (1978, Naples) est photographe & plasticienne.

Elle vit et travaille à Paris depuis 2004. Forte d’une formation en Histoire de l’Art jumelée à une expérience photojournalistique, Francesca s’attache à saisir et récrire les dynamiques humaines au centre des enjeux contemporains. Attirée par le potentiel plastique de la photographie, par un langage riche, étendu aux divers champs de l’art contemporain, elle présente une œuvre protéiforme s’inscrivant aujourd’hui dans un cadre tridimensionnel.

Francesca Di Bonito expose régulièrement en France et à l’étranger.



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Francesca Di Bonito (1978, Napoli) is a photographer and a visual artist. She lives and works in Paris since 2004.

Since the beginning of her artistic career, thanks to a formation in History of Art combined with her photojournalistic experience, Francesca Di Bonito is attached to capture and rewrite universal dynamics of Birth/Death, Male/Female, Body/Set, Sacred/Secular wich govern the contemporary issues.

Sensitive as she is to the plastic potential of photography, she uses it to tell the stories of lives and of identities. While always working the photographic medium, she has created a multi-faceted work. Stepping outside the two-dimensional form of photography proper drawing on a wide range of langages from the different arts, she has created a protean three-dimensional work. With discernment and poetry, from tint block to volume, in a way both precious and crude, she stages the precarity of human nature.

Francesca Di Bonito exposes since ten years in many galeries, festivals and international art fairs between France, Italy and United States.