CURRENT RELICS is an aesthetic tribute to the victims of the migratory flow occurring in the last years. In choosing a practice unrelated to direct photography in the field, far from the usual media repertoire, the principle of reliquaries builds a document where the photographyis at the same time testimony and material.

The artwork derives from anonymous pictures, extracted from web archives, integrated within shells in a craft practice which echoes the religious and baroque reliquaries. Being both symbolic and recollection processes, these objects twist the relationship associated with worship and comfort appropriate to the sacred relic.

CURRENT RELICS freeze the presence of the anonymous immigrant. The subject therefore contradicts its disappearance to occupy a living space, one of a watchful memory and active testimony.


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Unique piece; Reliquaries, 2015
Mixed media, collage on seashell,
royalty free visuals, beads
Relics: 8 x 5 cm
Reliquary (under glass bells):
18 (Ø) x 30 (h) cm/ 14 (Ø) x 26 (h) cm