Work in progress

Exist to survive or survive to exist?

Snapshots of moments of life, trivial moments and exceptional ones are associated with short sentences, to build a story that reminds us that existence can’t be reduced to survival.

Suggestions, sayings, and imperatives respond to images and vice versa: a mirror where texts and visuals merge, strictly linked to each other without the possibility of autonomy.

They dialogue in the same social chronicle.

The terms “survival and existence”, both synonymous and antithetical, constitute the very essence of this manual. As it is with the very essence of humans and their journey: complex, altered, non-binary, harmonious in their contradictions, lucid in their denials, invisible in their emotions.

Sharp, ironic, light, and deep at the same, MANUAL OF SURVIVAL IN CASE OF EXISTENCE is a collection of possibilities to the right to survive and the merit to exist.

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Work in progress
Photographs, various dimensions, 2022